Thursday, March 5, 2009

This is so much fun!

First of all thank you for all the incouraging thoughts for me and my dinner dilemmas!Lori...that recipe sounds perfect! I'm making it tonight!! Last night I made a pork tenderloin { I always do those} they are easy.I made mashed potatoes.Okay..I do admit I make the best mashed potatoes!Here is the secret...I use yukon gold potatoes,lots of butter,milk and a little bit of white truffle oil.The white truffle oil turns the potatoes into a 5 star potato!{just a little bit}Then I beat it and keep adding milk to the cosistency I like!Then we had fresh green beans and bread of course and more wine!Lol!My daughter made brownies for desert! Okay enough about food. I would like to share these sweet ATC's I recieved yesterday for the Faerie Zine bunny swap!Remember awhile back I showed you mine I sent,well these are the one's I got. Too cute!The blue one is from Dianne from Dianthus Moon and the pastel one is from Suze from junquedrawerchicks.I just love them. This swap is my 1st one! I'm addicted now!I'm going to display them in my Easter collection display in my front foyer like I did for Valentine's.The picture of the flowers is just a preview of where I'll be putting them!Wishing you all a great day!P.s I still can't figure out how to write underneath photos...this is why the writing is cut off at the top.



  1. That sounds like a yummy dinner, I do tenderloins a lot in the crock pot, with just a little water, so they roast, more than boil. Our favorite potatoes start with small red potatoes cut into quarters, skins on, boil them with some fresh garlic and salt. Drain, add real butter and just a little cream and mash (old fashioned style), leaving lots of lumps. We always have to unbutton our pants after that one! Cindy

  2. Wow those mashed potatoes sound awesome. I use yukon gold potatos but never thought about the truffle oil. Thanks for the tip....I'm going to try that tonight :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  3. Tracy, your mashed potatoes sound SO good...i want a huge bowl of them right now:) yummy!!!

    i love those ATCs, they are so dang cute...i had seen Suze's on her blog and i wanted one...i love how she put those sweet

    now, about the text and pictures...this is how i do mine now...maybe it will help you...first i load up all of my pics...then drag my pictures down a little bit so i have room at the top to start my text...then i start my text...i write what i need above the first pic...then move past the pic and start my next section of text...sometimes you have to drag your pics down as you go to make room...and you really have to know how far over you can type to avoid line breaks...on my template, i can type over to the eraser before i need to start a new line...hope this helps and is not too can always email me with questions...i am always happy to help anyone if i can!!!

  4. Tracy, I have to say "ditto" to all the things already said about your mashed potatoes, they sound scrumptious! I will have to try that too. Here in Germany they like to add a strong dash of Nutmeg to the mash potatoes for flavor, and at first I could not picture it, but it is oh so yummy! So I do the same thing, I add butter and milk to the consistancy I like, salt of course, and then at the last a dash of nutmeg. Something different!

    You sure did get some cute things. Sounds like you are having a blast with the swaps.

  5. Yum the food sounds delicious!I make mash potatoes like this:I usually use gold or red.I also use hot milk it makes them so good.My mother is greek so she and my grandmother both made them this way.I add real butter as well.Great things you got with the swaps,the pic with the little girl is adorable.

  6. OOhh...It looks like everyone loves mashed potatoes and has there own way of doing them!Too bad we couldn't have a mashed potato cook off!

  7. Am I the only one who doesn't know what white truffle oil is???????

  8. Oh my the food sounds so delicious and the cards you received are beautiful! I hope you had fun with this swap.

    I received my atcs too, love them from my swap partners!

    Magic and Joy!