Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Luck of the Irish

Top of the morning to you! Oh yes indeed I am part Irish!I love St.Patrick's Day! The wearing of green,the celebrations all around and the traditional corned beef! I will be cooking the brisket for dinner tonight with little red potatoes and cabbage! Yum! I love this meal! I cook it every year on St Patrick's Day!Sending you all four leaf clovers for luck and make no balarney about it I'll be wearing a touch of green today...How about you?Have a Happy day!



  1. Love the pic, so cute!Well happy st. Patricks day to you.lol@balarney.I do like the corned beef and cabbage thing.My motherinlaw always made it for today.The girls never cared for it when they were young though.Not really a kids meal.I bet my oldest would love it now.Happy day to you Tracy!

  2. OoPSs...i didn't know today was St Patrick's day, too much of Ester i guess hahaha..Thanks for the four leaf clovers i received from you!
    Have a great dinner tonight :* Yum...


  3. hi and happy st. patrick's day! i love corned beef and cabbage but alas, my husband and sons do not. i'll come by for dinner, okay? LOL


  4. Happy St Patrick's Day! :) I hope you have a wonderful dinner! We don't really celebrate SPD here in Singapore.. but would be fun just to drink green beer! :P

  5. Right back at you, have a happy St.Patrick's day...Kathi

  6. I'm just loving finding out which of my blog friends are Irish...you INSTANTLY have a new bond with them no?

  7. well, i am jealous...i would LOVE to have made corned beef and cabbage for dinner tonight...my boys will NOT eat it...some irishmen they are...LOL...i love that sweet St Patrick's Day postcard!!!

  8. Talking about that corned beef and cabbage made me hungry. Now, we're going to have to go to the Irish Bred Pub to have that for dinner. I did my catered lunches today and am doing it again tomorrow so the last thing I feel like doing is cooking you know?
    I love that irridesent necklace. That's a be-yoot!! Maybe if I sell enough lunches I can buy it :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  9. Cute post Tracy, Hope you had a fun day, and the meal sounded just delicious!!