Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This is what I call Spring Fling

This is one of my latest jewelry creations. I had fun with this one! I had a vision when I saw some of these vintage pieces at the flea market on Friday. I love these colors. I'm always drawn to blue enamel pieces. I think it's so fun , artsy and fresh for Spring. I think the name Spring Fling is very fitting. I have this one listed in my Etsy shop.Yesterday I took this picture and it was so pretty outside. The sky was clear blue. The buds are really blooming on the trees.

This is a picture under my cherry blossom tree. I just love this tree!The blooms are spectacular! Soon the dogwoods will be in bloom too. Those are beautiful trees also!Anyways I wanted to share my Spring Fling and wishing you all a happy day!



  1. Girl, it wouldn't do for me to live near you. I'd be over at your house snapping up all of that awesome handmade jewelry and spending all the profit from my lil business on necklaces!!
    I love that Cherry Blossum Tree. Prince and I used to live in D.C. and always went to the Cherry Blossom Festival celebrating the blooming of the many Cherry Blossum Tree's that China gave our nations capital as a gift. It was a wonderful thing to see :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. Love that tree.its gorgeous.I remember where we onced lived there was one on the corner down the street.The smell is awesome!

  3. Tracy, i love your new necklace...the color is lovely and the butterfly makes it extra specially sweet!!!

  4. Thanks so much for the complements on my new blog! I looove that new necklace, makes me want to break out my tank tops and sandals!


  5. Beautiful necklace Tracy.
    Love the colors.

  6. Wonderful & you are right the name you given to your pieces of *Spring fling* just the PERFECT one! I love the blue vintage butterfly piece so fine and lovely, glad you found it and totally great to made these pieces into so darling to goes well with simply outfit:*


  7. There you go again, coming up with something fabulous that you created, just like that!! How do you do it, so easily and effortlessly! I gotta tell you, I am pea green with envy at your talent. :-) Love the pic of the tree, it really is spring there. No sign of it here yet, but soon the cherry blossoms will be adding color to the neighborhood here too, along with the magnolias and the dogwoods. I love the scent in the air then.

  8. I think Spring Fling is fitting. What a fun necklace!

  9. I am sure that smells wonderful! Do you force branches inside? I do that with a nearby ornamental apple tree....the blossoms are super!
    have a great day!
    hope you had fun doing the laundry ;)

  10. Tracy, beautiful necklace. Hope your having a grand day..Kathi

  11. Oh, I do love your new necklace. The blues are so yummy! And those crepes look divine! I have to try my hand at that. Hang in there with the teenagers. Mine are grown, but I'm watching my daughter go through that now. :)

    Have a wonderful day,