Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who doesn't love cupcakes???????????

Look how cute this sweet coin purse and fun stickers are! I entered a giveaway on :

Jessica is such a creative gal! I love checking on her blog to see what she's up to next! I was excited to see this package arrive from down under!Yep..she's from Australia! Thanks again Jessica! My daughters were both fighting over the purse!It's as cute as can be! I thought I'd share my luck at this winning and wish you all a sweet day!


  1. Oh how cute.Nice colors.I bet your daughters cant make their mind up LOL.

  2. very cute! Mom dropped off some green ones for the recent occasion here..YUM!

  3. Loving the cupcakes!!! Tell your daughter she did a great job on your picture!! Beautiful! Go to Search and put in Mr. Linky. It will come up and then you will have to put in your name and a password. It will then take you to the next page which is really easy to choose what you want. It will then give you the code to paste into your main HTML page for Mr. Linky and a code to paste into your post for that particular Mr. Linky. Really easy. If you need any help. E-mail me. Post it a day early so that you will know it works.
    Hugs Tracy & girls!

  4. What a fun giveaway, I think we all love cupcakes. Thanks for visiting my blog. You are so lucky to have been to France! I'm sure the plane trip would be worth it..... I just have to work up to that. Have a wonderful day.

  5. charming button :) well done daughter ;)
    Hey-you might want to actually READ my posts lady!! (lol)
    It's my son...and I have so many more it's hilarious! some look like I'm harboring terroists or something with their ski masks on and stuff...sheesh!!
    Do you have boys?
    you'll understand if you do....

  6. I love cupcakes, real ones or stitched ones, they are all sweet! Kudos on winning the give-away, and all the way from Australia. Enjoy your goodies!

  7. oh how fun!!! what a sweet prize:) congrats!!!

  8. *lol so at the end who are going to own this little sweet coin purse? Hahahah the mother or daughter?


  9. Wow, thank you for the shout out! I am so glad the package arrived safely...I always worry when I decorate the outside of the package that a postman/woman might fancy it for themselves!!
    I am glad your daughters liked the purse too, perhaps I should have sent you two to avoid fights!
    Wishing you a very sweet weekend yourself :)