Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Wish for my Little One

One of my little ones came down with the flu yesterday. Poor thing...I hate to see her so frail. It's been up and down..feeling good then not so much. The whole tummy thing,fever,cough and sore throat! Simply the pits! I wish her to get well and I'm giving her this little note.

Please send us get well wishes our way.Thank you!


  1. Well Im sad to ehar about that.But if its the Flu she should be ok in a few days.I remember when my girls got sick.The older one always had strange stomach flus, and fever.The other one would be starting something then starting something than finally it would hit her full force.Not fun at all.So I hope shes well soon.Heres a little hug for her.

  2. Oh poor child....Sending lots of get well wishes that way!

  3. get well wishes being sent your way...

  4. nothing worse then seeing a litle child so sick with the flu, makes one feel so helpless. Sending lots of get well wishes from here! And a hug for you too!