Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Good morning All! This morning breakfast is a delight! It's my mother in law's 7oth birthday. My husband went to this rastaurant that sells french pasteries early this morning for our breakfast. Some of you from Georgia may know La Madeleine's { It's a cute Bisto}He surprised her with chocolate croissants and almond croissants. He brought them home and warmed them in the oven! Ohhh.... Ce'st si bon!I don't know what it is about the weekends and having breakfast but I like to post about food!Lol! Right now I'm having a large cup of cafe au lait. I'm dipping my croissant in my coffee. Yum!It will be another beautiful day here and we are taking my mother in law out to a nice restaurant tonight. Wishing you all a beautiful day!



  1. Mmmm.. an almond croissant for breakfast would be devine! Enjoy your wonderful petit dejeuner :)

  2. hey sweets,
    yummy im on my way over!!

  3. Hi Tracy....your food post really makes me feel hungry now. Maybe a glass of fresh milk and some oreo cookies for me now hehe.


  4. Yum - French pasteries are my favorites.

  5. YUM as usual Tracy!Im glad I finally found out your name your nic is soo long hahah.Have a great day!

  6. Tracy, Yummy, those look just like the pastries and rolls that we can get at our local bakery here in town. The kids love the chocolate croissants, I enjoy anything with almonds in it! And they are baked fresh every morning! It is no wonder that I gain weight every day, week, month of the year over here!! It is mighty hard to walk past the bakeries here and resist such yumminess. Enjoy your evening out, and I hope that your mother in law will enjoy her birthday American style.

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  8. Bonjour Tracy,
    There's nothing like choc. croissants and hot choc. and it was my fav while in Paris!
    I love your merry go round photo and before I knew where it was, I thought to myself, that reminds me of Paris, and it is!!!
    Merci, for such a lovely reminder of the city I love so much.

  9. that sounds so yummy!!! i hope your mother in laws birthday is wonderful:)

  10. Yummy! Love La Madelaine! I'm visiting from Lisa's CarnivalSoiree.

    Have you seen my clown friend, Mr. Auguste Unica?