Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Le Creperie

It was crepe night at our house last night! It's a family favorite. My husband makes them and we devour them!
It all starts with his special crepe recipe!
Then he cooks them in a pan.
I would say about 75 or so of them are in that mound!It's a big recipe!

Then we put on our favorite toppings ,fold them and eat them up! Yum! I hope you enjoyed our evening at La Creperie!



  1. Lori said it alright... Yum!!!

  2. YUM I agree.I never made them.I guess you could put yogurt in them couldnt you?I mean a little drop, I would love that.

  3. Yummy, crepes, we make them here in our house too and the kids love them, but I probably love them more!! We have a special crepe maker and it is so easy, just dip the hot rounded platter into the batter, let it briefly cook, done! NUTELLA, we have that here, did you know it originated here in germany? It is in every house hold. My kids love it for breakfast on their rolls, and i acquired a taste for it, much to the charinge of my hips!

  4. Well.....I knew I liked you! We call them 'palachinta' - Hungarian crepe-

    yours look delicious!

  5. yummy yummy! is good sometimes husband a good cook and mummy relaxed:*


  6. Hello
    Have discovered your lovely blog via Bonjour Madame's. I am a bifg fan of home made pancakes. My favourite topping being a generous teaspoon of advocaat with a sprinkling of brown sugar.. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water! Yummy post. Will return again

  7. Hi, Tracy! Thanks for stopping by our blog! In checking out yours, I saw the crepe post and just HAD to comment on it! A few years ago I was in Cozumel, Mexico. We found a little breakfast place named Caffelia's that served crepes (I'd never had one!) and they cooked them with bacon in them! They were incredible! When we got home, I got out my Martha Stewart cookbook for the crepe recipe, cooked up some bacon, threw it in the crepes as they cooked - topped; then topped with maple syrup - yummy! Andrea

  8. Oh,wow, those look so yummy. Becky turned us on to nutella when we visited her in Germany. I have never had anything quite like it, chocolate, but creamy and not too sweet. Now you have me drooling!! :-)

  9. Nutella and crepes. Heaven:) Love, Jamie