Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Exciting Day at the Mall

We took my mother in law in to Buckhead today. We went to the big malls and looked around and shopped.I of course took her to my favorite store!!! Anthropologie. I was so excited! As soon as I walked in I was floating on a cloud! I brought my hand dandy camera to take pics for the blog and got one shot! Yep only one because they came right over to me and said"You can't take pictures of the store." I was a a bit surprised by this....not sure what the reason being is. Perhaps for stealing ideas for other shops. Anyways I was bummed! I am a store merchandiser and I am so intrigued with their displays! I'm pretty sure they come from corporate because all of their store displays are pretty much the same.So I'm pretty sure the merchandisers for these stores need to follow a diagram for setting up their displays.They are always so unique and very creative! I would love to be on the design team to come up with those displays!Sorry to bore you with this but as I said this store is my passion! From the home decor to the clothing which I love.I truly am inspired by this awesome store!So enjoy the one picture I took!



  1. I kind of understand the "no pix in our store" policies, but not really! What a neat store though.

  2. It is a fabulous store!

    In the latest Where Women Create mag, there is an article on the woman who is the home stylist/art director for the Antho catalog. Wonder if she has a hand in the store displays too.

  3. Looks like a real nice place.The little table looks sweet.Yeah to bad you couldnt of taken more pics.But oh well its understandable.

  4. It certainly was not a boring story!
    I too agree- they get orders from "headquarters" on how to design the shops the same....I find an instant connection with what you said: you feel like your walking on a cloud when you walk in! so do I...don't know if it's from the coffee I just splurged on before walking in or the french music or jazz they are playing, but it's always fabulous! For me, it's not the stuff I love looking at, it's the clothes...I design my own skirts and some of the children's too, and I don't buy much there because I think: I could just make that...do I? no- but I love to know I can!
    nice to meet you :)

  5. I was in Buckhead yesterday on a shopping tour also. I went into Swoozies to purchase "stuff" for two bridal showers that I am doing. Wanted to take some pictures for my blog and they said no. I was not happy to say the least when I was spending the amount of money that I was... I told them that was a crazy policy because it was depriving them of free advertising on my blog in the Atlanta Area. And I also told them that I was not going to give them credit for the stuff that I purchased, I was so mad. They didn't care.
    Oh well....... But the "stuff" I purchased is so cute!!!!
    I am leaving you a little award on my blog tommorow....

  6. Hey- I was thinking...since you said you always get compliments on your home and how comfy your decor/home is....curious now: what do you wear? what style? Is it from Anthropologie? JJill? please let me know!!

  7. ;)
    so you like good quality things....within the 'hunt'....that are casually romantic...
    yup- that's Anthropologie!!

    thanks for solidifying my idea! (i think that's a word)

  8. still haven't gone yet...i really need to!!!