Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

Oh How Funny! Becky posted and I didn't even write anything because my computer went down because of a huge thunder crash that put our power out!Anyways...I was going to say this rain is truly unbelievable. I haven't seen this much rain in awhile. That leaves the family stuck in the house. We could go to somewhere and probably will but I think we will be playing some old fashioned games and make the most out of this rainy day! Any creative ideas out there on what to do besides T.V would be great!It is so green outside and the buds are really popping on the trees.It's a good thing like Martha would say!



  1. My sentiments exactly. LOL Looks like all weekend rain too.Oh well whats the rhyme,April showers bring May flowers.In this case its March showers bring May flowers lol.

  2. I noticed that little post, and wondered where all your usual funny sentiments were and a picture. :-O So it is still raining there, eh? Over here too, altho there is a bit of sun trying to sneak in between the clouds. And it is green here too, and I have seen blossoms starting to come out. It can't be long now. Yippeeee. Debby

  3. Hahah hilarious, I thought the same as Pink Bird House.Thought wow she just must want to say about the rain, nothing else here,LOLOL

  4. I hear you Tracy. It's been raining here all day. I watched a movie this afternoon which was great because usually I can't sit still that long. Stay dry...Kathi

  5. Hope you are having a great weekend ....even if it is raining ( we still have some snow on the ground !) Thank you for stopping by at my blog & the nice comments !
    Hope you have a blessed & creative week ahead !
    The Little Things

  6. when the power goes out here - we light an oil lamp, I sew, the kids read or listen to a story read (at night)....for during the day- well, life becomes Pioneer! - games, poems, charades....
    It's an ice storm here tonight-
    stay safe with those candles lit!!