Thursday, March 12, 2009


Yep...It's in the air! I had to take pictures of my sprouting hyacinths!I just love these little guys. I have groups of them here and there in my yard.I love the look of a bunch of them by themselves in a vase!Problem is if I cut them for my vase they are all gone from my yard!
I also took a picture of my not so favorite furry friend!I'm always dodging these guys and running around afraid one might sting me! I've been stung many times by wasps,bees..but not these guys yet.Not even sure if they sting. Take a peek..He's on the flower!
This is me....practically dropping the camera as he flies my way!Lol!
And last but not least,my sprouting peonies!My neighbor seperated her plant in the fall and gave me a part of it. I planted it and I'm so excited it's sprouting!! They are my most favorite flowers!I'm not sure if I will get blooms this year but I'm so excited to see it's alive!

These are supposedly going to be pink! I can't wait to see!Anyways I just thought I'd share my new growth in my yard! Have a great day!



  1. wow, send some of that spring time on over to me here in Germany, I have not seen a sign of it yet and we are all ready for it. So tired of the dismal, gray, drizzly rain we have been getting over the past few days, and it is still cold out there. Not time to pack away the long underwear here yet. :-)

  2. I have them tracy as well.I love grape hyacinths.They arent real showy but they add some color.I like those fuzzy bees, they arent harmful at all.They love my butterfly bush, and Rose of Sharon.The ones to worry about are the wasps UGH, hate those.Enjoy your tea party today,lol.Take care!

  3. i just came from another blog that has flowers coming up and blooming already...i thought i didn't have any signs of spring...but when i saw your peony shoots i went to look at mine and they are out of the ground the tiniest little bit...yippee!!!

  4. Tracy ~ I love those little grape hyacinths! I bought some bulbs last year but got them into the ground late so I'll have to wait and see if they sprout. I may have to buy some that are already blooming! I hope we get to see your peonies in bloom... fingers-crossed :)

    ~ Angela

  5. Oh hyacinths are blloming as are my Daffodils, Jonquils and and Irise's. I was outside almost all day putting my cool weather crops in my garden. Everytime I walked up to the house, I passed by my pretty blooms and thought...."This is what it's all about"!!
    Wishing you a weekend filled with much love, joy and laughter :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  6. I am SO jealous that you're able to grow peonies! Southern California doesn't get cold enough for them to last. They are my fa-vor-ite flowers ever...! So I settle for growing English Roses....sigh....Lucky girl! :)