Friday, March 6, 2009

Be Happy

It's the weekend! Yay! Time to let your guard down a bit and relax if you can!A little less stress than during the week. It's what we usually all look forward too!It's going to be gorgeous here in Atlanta this weekend.Sunny and in the seventy's. I wont be complaing it's too hot! Lol!You'll be hearing me soon enough do that.I'm sharing this photo that was taken in France a couple years ago at a fair in Paris. My kids are on this ride somewhere. This was my all time favorite ride when I was growing up. It was so much fun and not too scarry. It was a flying swing. Not a care in the world as you fly around and around. I should have gone on that swing ride when I was there. I don't know why I didn't. Anyways I just love this picture and reminds me also of this song. So this weekend Have this catchy song in your head and it will make you smile!Have a great weekend! P.s..Lori I fixed the dish you recommended and it was a hit! My husband loved it! I used the italian sausage in the dish. Yum! Keep sharing recipes. This is fun!Tonight I'm taking my mother in law to a Mexican restaurant with the kids. My husband is working late so I thought it would be fun! So it's Margarita night! Lol!



  1. Tracy, visiting your blog is always a highlight of my day :)
    Oh my gosh, I love that song.......lady, you brougt back a lot of happy memorie's with that one!!

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. ooooh, that swing looks fun!!! very pretty too:)

    glad you liked the penne, we prefer it with sausage the best...wish i were going out for mexican tonight and drinking margaritas...i am sadly going to be at fair...LOL

  3. Tracy, I love your photo of those gorgeous, Parisian rides ~ wow ~ fun and beautiful! Have a wonderful, warm weather weekend... I'll keep a happy song in my heart to keep me warm :) Enjoy your dinner tonight ~ sounds like fun!

  4. Tracy, we have that same kind of ride often at the adventure parks here in germany and i have always loved them!! I can not count how many pictures I have of those swings where my kids are on them, somewhere, just like your pic. :-) And your weather, oh my, send some over this way, blow really hard and wave your arms around alot, and maybe we just might catch a slight warm breeze!! :-) Take care and have a great weekend. Debby

  5. I can't do roller coasters anymore, but I still love those swing rides!

    Mmmm, Mexican food.... my favorite! Come to Texas. I'll feed you both yummy Tex-mex, as well as, delicious, authentic Mexican. I think I'm hungry now!

  6. Now that looks like so much fun!! I just came across your blog and love it!! The background is very Pretty!


  7. Tracy, that looks like a blast ! Oh how I envy your fine weather this week end. Enjoy yourself.

  8. Weeee, that looks fun! I am just above Atl, had lovely weather today! Enjoy your weekend. Cindy