Friday, March 13, 2009

Remember When....

Remember when you were a kid and picked those Buttercups or even Dandelions and put them under your chin and everyone around you to see if they liked butter?This adorable image reminds me of my friends and I doing that!!Some days it seemed as though the light was really brighter under that chin and some days my friends would say there's no color. Of course I would dispute that and put it under my chin...almost mashing the flower against my skin to prove I loved butter!Oh yeah...I'm a butter lover!Lol! This is just a post of me recalling these childhood days!Wishing you all a happy day filled with sunshine! If the sun is not out today make your own!Also...Thank you to Ms. Suzee Que for this cute image that I love!



  1. ah yes, i sure do remember that...i did it to my boys too when they were little...what a sweet image!!!

  2. I not only remember doing that as a kid, and always insisting that I had a yellow reflection on my chin because I love butter so much (yup, I love it too!!), but I now do it with my kids!! Well, you just can not take the kid out of some of us!! :-)

  3. I have to admit, that I have never heard of that!
    What I was told of Buttercups was, that by the light of the moon, the Faeries would drink their Buttermilk out of the flowers. So needless to say, as soon as I saw a Buttercup, I would study it as hard as I could searching for signs that a Faerie had drank from it!

  4. I remember that well and what a sweet image! What in the world is doobybrain? lol I'll have to find out :)

  5. I remember that like It was yesterday ! I love the image. Thank you so much for sharing It.
    Have a great week end..Kathi

  6. Love that pic.Yes I remember as well.We couldnt wait for spring to see the buttercups and do the dandelion thing.Then we would sneeze and sneeze LOL.yeah what the heck is Doobybrain, hah.

  7. Okay Girls!I have no clue what Doobybrain is..It looks like the name of the magazine at that time. Imagine that...They had no idea what the word dooby would be later in life...Lol! and then put the two words together.Too funny!

  8. Tracy, I got on your blog to thank you for helping me through my "little stressful problem" and answering my question. But, once again I am blown away by your blog!
    Daffodils.... I would pick everyone of them in my grandmothers field and take them to her when I was a little girl. She would smile and want to cry at the same time. LOL
    I was an innocent little girl trying to do a sweet girl!
    Thanks Tracy for getting me back in line on my blog..... You are the best!
    Love you girl!