Sunday, March 15, 2009

A French Garden

All day yesterday and last night and I believe today has been and will be raining. To say the least it's been dreary,damp and cold. I've been spoiled the past two weeks with wonderful warm,sunny, Spring days. We need the rain it's good I know but it does seems to change your morale. The sun is the best medicine for us all!My mother in law is leaving today. It was truly wonderful visit! I feel bad for her though. She brought in the snow and now she's leaving with rain! She keeps saying that Paris is always raining and grey. She's not looking forward to going back.I think that Paris does get a long rainy season before the summer comes.Anyways I would like to share one of my most favorite photos I took in a Paris garden a few years ago. This brings so much sunshine and delight to me when I see it! I love the painted concrete wall and the contrast with the overflowing flower baskets!It's amazing and an inspiration of how I would love my baskets to look like.This is my sunshine today!Wishing you all a happy day!



  1. That is lovely Tracy.Well I hope your motherinlaw has a safe trip back,Im not sure where she came from LOL,All pics ive seen of Paris remind me of England.A bit dreary.Happy day to you as well Tracy!

  2. Don't they have the most georgeous and inspiring gardens there?
    I too wish mine looked like that.
    Hey, I don't know what the heck happend to my post this morning but it sure went to hell in a handbasket quickly right?
    Those gals are a real mess, lol.They made me laugh out loud.
    I love to ready your post :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  3. LOVE IT!.....duh right? Like I wouldn't!

    AND....btw: your decorating in the living room looks great- because I see how you probably move things around at random- and that is what my friends and family have deemed "decorating compulsive disorder" hee hee
    have a great Sunday!...hey: where's some pictures of YOUR garden??

  4. Oh! What a lovely picture!!! I've been searching for some sunshine too.

  5. Tracy, I love the concrete painted wall! I have one that I want to faux paint and make look really old.. I have started jasmine growing up it, so I better hurry and do it! LOL
    I have not framed the pictures, but I constantly use them in my artwork! I love using them!
    Thanks for inspiring me today in all this rain!!!
    Love you,

  6. Tracy, I lovvvve that photo, it just seemed like everywhere I went in Paris it was all so photogenic!
    You have one of my fav blogs!! and I see that you have already received the friendship blog award, but I bestowed it upon you again anyway, lol. I really wanted to put you on my list. You don't have to do the post, I just wanted you to know :)

  7. another great photo from your time in Paris! wow, I would love to paint my outside walls a lovely pink color like that, but even more then that, I would love to have flowers overflowing like that. I do not have a green thumb in the least, and my garden is in a sad state!