Monday, March 16, 2009

What I Collect....

This is the Tour of Collections started by Yvette at The Charm House. I thought this was a neat idea to share!You need to take a peek at Yvette's lovely collections.Take a peek at.........

Here is mine......

I have a few small collections. I tend to collect alot of everything and not alot of the same things. I'm what you call a pack rat too!I can never throw anything away. So anyways I will start with my cast iron piggy banks. I just love these. I do believe these are actually reproductions but they are good ones at that andI have them placed all around my home.

These are some wine decanters that I think are so pretty. It's my husband's domain! He uses them sometimes when we have dinner guests.

Last but not least are my oil lamps. My grandparents gave these to me. They were big time antique collectors and dealers. They have sold most of their collections and have passed them down to family members but I have these!So I hope you have enjoyed my collections. Don't forget to stop[ by Yvette's lovely blog! tell her I said you could take a gander at her collections and I'm sure you'll jump on her tour!Have a great day!



  1. Tracy, I have a load of antique wine decanter's and oil lamps that I'm about to get rid of if you're interested?
    I have way, way too much stuff and I collect, collect, collect as well.
    Two of the antique shops in my town have ofered to buy some of them from me but if you're interested........
    Let me know.......hit me up on my blog so's I don't miss your answer L)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. Tracy to link you post, Go to my Mr. Linky under my post of tour of collections. Put this post into your URL spot and Tied Up Memories into the name and hit enter. That links us!!!

  3. Interesting!I used to collect porcelin dolls and some bears.I do have a bit of Fenton art glass as well.Havent got my hands on anything realllllll old.Except my husband has this old tin that looks very old.So when he died 7 years ago I still kept it.It may have been from his grandmother who was Irish I will have to check on that.

  4. We too have oil lamps- and when the power goes out we use them, and sewing by lamp light is so nostalgic feeling- we all love it....but not for too long :)

  5. Fun stuff Tracy! Thanks for sharing. Great idea for a post.

  6. I am so glad I stopped by, I don't know which I liked better your french garden or your collections.

  7. Tracy, I love your cast iron banks.... I use to want one that had the moving parts but my parents would not get it for me. Should buy it now. LOL I am also hoping that one day I get my grandmothers oil lamp! I love them so much! It has a gold bottom to it.
    Glad you figured out Mr. Linky...

  8. Tracy, you have some wonderful bottles! My father used to collect oil lamps too so I have a tender spot for those also. Thanks for sharing.


  9. i love your piggy banks!!! i really like fun quirky things and these are very fun:) what a cool collection!!!

  10. What fun collections, I love them all. I'm alot like you I collect many things.. I love those decanters..

  11. Love your oil lamp collection. I have several myself and I just love them. You have some interesting looking ones.

  12. LOVE your wine decanter collection. They remind me so much of the ones that my father used to love to collect. He was into collecting too, so I guess I got that passion from him. I would collect a bit of everything, if I had the money'! :-) Once I start on something, there is no stopping me.

  13. love the wine decanters and also the oil lamps.. I have few oil lamps too.. thanks for sharing..

  14. Enjoyed your collections.
    My husband has several oil lamps as well. We fill them with citronella oil for our outdoor entertaining. Sometimes we place them all around the dining area. Such beautiful ambiance in the evening.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Stop by, I've joined the blue blog party as well.