Friday, March 20, 2009

Busy Morning at the Flea Market

I'm beat! Dropped off the kids first thing this morning to school and off I went to the Lakewood Flea Market held every 3rd weekend of the month here. It's been awhile since I've been.I love to go and look at everything and see if I can find a treasure! In most cases prices are too high and I do a lot better at garage sales. It's still fun though and definately a feast for your eyes. I fell in love with a couple of booths that are my style!Many of you might recognize this dress form. It's been on many blogs. It's from Jocelyn from The Painted Fern. She wouldn't budge on selling this beauty...I tried.Lol!If you read this Jocelyn you know where to find me now! She's also a Georgia gal!She had these wonderful vintage, pharmacy ledger papers too....I couldn't resist!
Thank you Jocelyn! I had fun chatting with you!Then I ran into two Georgia gals...Lauri and Lulu of Lulu redstar enterprises. They had a booth with vintage found objects,furniture and quilts.I loved their displays!
Whew......after that I found this shop with all the ribbons of every kind you can think of.......

Can you imagine? Wow!Eye candy for sure!!Then I saw some pretty bottles....

And last but not least...some jewels! There was plenty! I did buy some pieces that I will be making my necklaces with so you will have to wait and see! I didn't find too many bargains today or really neat furniture that I could fix up but there's always next time!I hope you enjoyed my fabulous finds!



  1. What a fun day! Lots of fabulous goodies to peruse :)

  2. So glad you got to get out like that-
    I would have totally met up with you too!
    If only!

  3. OMG!!!! I'm totally jealous :)
    My mom and I went out yesterday and we ended up shopping instead of taking a walk, so we decided our code word now will be "we're going walking" but really, we're shopping!
    anyway, wish I could of joined you tiedupmem! on your walk, lol.

  4. tracy,
    we must have a lot in common, i see from your blog some great stuff at the antique market... and, Krispy Kreme donuts - the BEST.
    com by and see us anytime at the "village" ~ would love to meet you in person and then you can say "I met a "hag"" ~ not really but I love my name too.

    warm regards,
    ~one vintage hag

  5. Wow! Wish I could go shopping with you!

  6. Oh, I would sooooo be in heaven! How lucky are you to have such an amazing flea market close to you like that! We have a few around here, but none that I have seen that look as great as this one.

  7. Tracy,
    Hi...enjoyed our chat today and appreciate so much the post about my booth.I'm enjoying looking at your wonderful work.I love your jewelry!!Please stop by any time.It was a pleasure to meet you!!!


  8. It looks like a fantastic flea market. I love flea markets too. That ledger paper is beautiful - I would have fallen for the excact same booths as your. Thank for sharing.
    Tina x

  9. and you didn't come pick me up to go with you because?

    LOL...that looks like a fabulous flea Tracy...and i really do wish i could have gone shopping with you!!!

  10. Wow, look at all that ribbon. Bet you had a grand time..Kathi