Monday, March 9, 2009


These french fries were simply divine!White truffle parmasan frittes!This was my appetizer! I shared it with my two daughters!They were out of this world! I chose steak and mashed potatoes for dinner. I'm a potato freak!We all enjoyed our meal!The funniest part was when my mother in law blew her candles out! It was a large Tiramisu cake.It had a dusting of dark chocolate powder on the top of it. When she blew the candles out the powder covered the table cloth everywhere!It was really funny!

Another funny thing was me asking a guy who worked at the restaurant to take a picture of the family.I went up to him and said"Excuse moi Monsieur"....I couldn't believe that came out of my mouth!He looked at me strange and then I quickly recovered by speaking English! Lol!

What a wonderful evening my family and I had last night for dinner!As I mentioned before it was my mother in law's 70Th birthday. We took her to a favorite restaurant of mine in my town. It was very quiet in the restaurant last night.There was not a lot of people. We told her we rented it out for her! Lol!Here's a picture of this beautiful painting on one the walls.
When you first walk in there's this out cove with beautiful old blue bottles. The picture didn't come out as pretty as they are because the restaurant was dark inside. They were really light blue. I just loved them! I'm on a quest to find some just like them!!!

I'm still trying to figure out placing the photos as you can see... Sorry if this is a bit out of order.Anyways I hope you enjoyed some of my pictures from dinner last night and of course tempted your tummies with those frittes!



  1. Hey Tracy, the restaurant is really nice i love their all white inrerior concept! I can tell you i love fries and mashed potatoes as much as you do hehe, i love to order another basket of fries because my plate of dish is just not enough fries for me and i love to have more from everyone's plate *TeeHee*.

    Yummies....i love food post!

  2. You did tempt my tummy with those frittes! Have you ever tried eating frittes with mayo? Delicious!!! The restaurant is really pretty, I can see why it would be a fav of yours. My hubby loves good food and doesn't care what the place looks like, but me, I just need that atmosphere too so I can enjoy my evening out! He always gets a chuckle out of idiosycrocies! I hope that your mother in law had a lovely special birthday celebrated in America. I too am a pototo gal, love frittes, mashed, and best of all baked potatoes! I could make a meal just with the spuds!!

  3. i get very hungry every time i visit here now!!! hee hee:)
    your mother in law is beautiful!!! i hope she enjoyed herself on her birthday!!!

  4. A Happy Birthday to your Mother in law!

  5. Tracy, I do believe that I gain a pound or two every time I visit your delicious blog! :) That restaurant is beautiful... maybe I'll take a photo of the Thai place down the street the next time I go for take-out ~ lol Sounds like you all had a wonderful time celebrating your mother-in-law's birthday... I can only hope that I look as lovely as she does when I'm 70! :)

  6. Tracy, those frites look mighty tasty, yummy.
    Sound's like a fun time. Blessing's, Kathi