Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Introducing Miss Bunny

I created the lovely Miss Bunny this morning. She's been waiting to arrive. I think she looks very Spring like and is ready for Easter! I had fun creating her ! She's in my Etsy shop today and ready to bring some hippity hop into someone's home!I'm funny...I know!Well to those of you who are wondering. I made already prepared beef tips in gravy over large egg noodles for dinner last night. We also had a salad and of course a French baugette and little wine too!Now tonight is again another story...Hmm?


  1. Miss Bunny is darling!
    Good luck with dinner tonight! :)

  2. cute bunny Tracy!!!

    i realize you just did noodles, but here is something easy peasy i make that *gasp* everyone will eat:

    you need either italian sausage cooked/browned/sliced into rounds OR chicken same and cut into strips

    fry up some bell peppers {3} and one large sweet onion.

    stir everything together and add some pesto...serve with cooked penne {mix it all together with the pasta} that is well coated with olive oil...and sprinkle the top with shaved parmesan...yummy!!!

  3. That's about the cutest thing I've ever seen Tiedupmemories!! Do you do mail order in your etsy shop?
    Hey, your dinner sounds yummo. Especially the wine part :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  4. Tracy, you did it again, you created something so adorable, I just have to keep looking at the picture. Glad to hear that the dinner turned out good. I was wondering about you!! Hope you are enjoying your mom-in-law's visit. Your hubby must be thrilled to be speaking French again for the time! Debby

  5. Oh! Miss Bunny is precious!!! I can believe Spring is almost here. I'm not ready!! Your dinner sounds yummy and I would have been NO help to you since I am lost in the kitchen. If you can microwave it, pour it out of a box or pick it up at a drive-thru then I'm good, but I have NO creativity when it comes to cooking. My poor family:) Hva e a wonderful Thursday sweetie! Love, Jamie