Sunday, April 19, 2009

NO Cinnamon Rolls This Morning

My son was so funny this morning. I've been on a tea staining tag kick! I love the look of them and then adding my own touches to them is so much fun! So son thought I was baking this morning and I pulled out my tags out of the oven and he says.."Oh yummy baked paper!"He had to settle for toaster strudles. Anyways... I've made a few different kinds of sets. The top one is called Unlock the Mystery.
These are called Les Fleurs.

And finally Memories of Paris! These tags are fun and easy to do if you like to do these sort of things. If not and you like these they can easily be found in my Etsy shop! Wishing you a happy day and have a cup of Tea on me! Lol!



  1. love your new tags Tracy - and this is quite funny, as I just made some tea stained tags today too. Going to list them in my shop tomorrow. Two souls - one thought :D
    Hugs, Tina

  2. Hahahah yummy baked paper.I cant stop laughing.LOL.I tried tea dying a few times back when I was drawing in the wintertime.I got it a bit light.If its hot the tea bag they say it will be light if the teabag is cold it will be a bit darker.My favorite is the top one "Unlock the mystery"

  3. *LOL*....humorous son! Look like your son was really true nice baked tag:*
    I lik ethe memories of Paris*TeeHee*
    Enjoy and happy Monday!


  4. that is SO funny Tracy...i bet they did smell good drying in your oven...they are all so pretty!!!

  5. Tracy, these are so pretty. I love them all. Little pieces of art. I've made tags before, but none so lovely. Hugs to you, June

  6. Oh, I love the key tags - and what a great name for them, too!

  7. very cool....

    and I like your new necklace with that big safety pin----I'm emailing you today about "the deal" ;)

  8. UH- OH...can't find your email-
    mine is: info at nadafarm dot org

  9. Tracy, my friend, we missed you soooo much
    last night!
    Your tags are very cool. I love them. They will be a big hit!!!!
    Hope to see you soon.
    Aunt Debbie

  10. Tracy, sorry that your son did not get his sunday rolls, but I sure do like what came out of your oven instead! Your tags area just lovely. My favorites are the Les Fleurs set, but the Paris Memories come in a close second!! Lovely work. Hope all is well with you, Debby

  11. oh, what pretty tags.
    love em..