Thursday, April 30, 2009

Leapin' Lizards

My daughter took this photo of this little fella. We have plenty of these guys crawling around outside as soon as the weather gets warm. Sometimes we will be sitting on the front steps and they will come up pretty close. They seem inrigued to look at us as we are at looking at them! I sometimes will catch myself talking to one like it's a puppy and it will tilt it's little green head almost like it's listening to me! Yep...I'm crazy! They are actually pretty to look at. I don't want to hold one though. Eeeeeeeeeeeeek! Gives me the hebee gebeees! Just wanted to intoduce you to our garden friend. Do any of you have these around?



  1. We have some and geckos, too. My daughter loves to try to catch the geckos. Those give me the creeps, the green ones I don't mind! :)

  2. Not here, but whenever we visited my grandparents in
    Florida---they would come out and greet us.....ewwwwww!!!!!!!

  3. how cute, we have skinks here they are a bit shy and will scurry away as soon as they catch site of you. but they are so darn cute, I like lizards . O focourse we are the buggy, spidery, snakey, toad, frog, turtle people so all that stuff is so fun to us.

  4. In pet shops here LOL.Other than that no.Nice shade of green though.Im shivering gotta run LOL.

  5. Tracy, if there is one thing that i love more then your posts and the photos, it is the TITLES that you pick for your post!! They never fail to make me smile and make my day. Cute lizard. my daughter came home from Tenerife not long ago with dozens of pictures of lizards of every size shape and color. She was fascinated by them, and it seemed that island had quite a few of them. No lizards here, but we do have a lot of night-snails! Ugh. Take care, Debby

  6. no, i don't have those here...but i did have a salamander in my basement once...which was not quite as bad as the snake my kitty found in our upstairs hallway...yep, it sure is fun living in a super old house with little cracks everywhere...LOL...

  7. We have geckos and they are not pretty and green like your little friend... nor do they try to sell us insurance. ;)

  8. they are cute to look at, but no thanks in the garden -

    btw: just got back from joAnn' luck -
    please "bare" with me ;)
    couldn't resist.

  9. Hi Tracy,
    The little lizard is a cutie. Once in a while, I'll see one in the front yard and hope he will scurry on his way (kitty cats here). They remind me of being a kid and camping. My cousin and I used to pick them up and talk to them too. It won't hurt if you let it run across your hand (I promise ;)
    Happy weekend to you!