Monday, April 27, 2009

Refreshing Raspberry Sorbetto

I just had to buy this raspberry sorbet the other day at the local grocery store! It was calling my name. The weather here in Atlanta is heating up and this was just the perfect thing to cool me down! Ooh let me tell you it is incredible if you like sorbets! I just grabbed the raspberry because it's a favorite of mine but there was many other flavors too! I've never seen this brand before now. It's called TALENTI. There is a website on the carton at for those of you interested in this brand.

I could seriously eat this whole carton myself but I've been good just a few spoonfuls here and there . I hid the carton in the freezer. My children don't know about it! It's a secret between you,me and I did let my husband taste it.So that was nice of me. Lol!

Well I just thought I'd share with you my find! Perfect for those hot summer days coming up!




  1. that was just plain ol' cruel....

  2. oh Tracy, you are sorely tempting me with such goodies. I have been trying to behave too, staying away from the sweets and the junk food, salads for dinner and smaller portions of everything on my plate. But THAT looks delicious. I don't have any but I think I might have a fruit yogurt in the fridge, it just might take the edge off my craving now!! Yummy. ENJOY that yummy treat of yours. Ciao, Debby

  3. Yum, thats sounds delicious.Ive never heard of the brand here so I will check on the web page you posted.I do love sorbets.Thanks for sharing tracy!

  4. Wow I went to the site.delicious looking all of the flavors.I liked the look of the carribean coconut.Yum,but its fattening, lots of cane sugar.Oh well once in a lifetime thing huh? LOL;)

  5. I will have to check out that site. I love sorbet too! Light, fresh, cold and just the right thing for a hot summer day!

  6. that sounds yummy...i love raspberry too...haven't seen it at my store...i will be watching for it now...