Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Simple Elegance

Another table setting I just love! This one is a bit fancy yet has a casual feel. There is no table cloth just the natural,pretty wood table. Again fresh flowers are used as a centerpiece and unique candle sticks add a touch of whimsy and height to this table. The unique green bowl filled with pears adds a splash of color to this subtle color palette.This is just another style I love and wanted to share to give you more inspiration for the upcoming table setting tour!This photo came fromThe Home Companion 2002.Wishing you all an inspiring day!



  1. Hi Tracy, yet another inspiration for a lovely set table. I can picture my sister setting hers this way, she has a beautiful wooden table that extends quite far and can seat the entire family. My table on the other hand, is so age beaten and used from daily family useage, I have to use table covers to hide all the marks and dents we have wrought upon it over the years. It is well loved, but sadly not elegant enough to show off! Some day, perhaps I will have that lovely cherry wood table I have always dreamed of having, oval shaped, with pink velvet chairs!

  2. Very pretty! I almost never use a tablecloth. I like them, but I love showing off the beautiful wood too.