Friday, April 17, 2009

Tick Tick Tock Look What I Got!

I was so excited to receive this package in the mail yesterday! What a wonderful package or should I say packages that I got! I entered at Jan's Paper Cowgirl giveaway on her blog.... When I opened the box there were these lovely wrapped presents!!! I was so excited to open them!

The first one I opened was an adorable vintage purse which I love! It was filled with all these goodies!

Then the 2nd one I opened had this fabulous vintage alarm clock! This giveaway was right up my alley! I just love all things vintage if you didn't know that about me!

So I want to send out a big shout out to Jan! Thank you so much for this lovely giveaway! I had so much fun opening everything up and I just love it all! I'm such a lucky gal! Wishing you all a happy Friday!



  1. Wow your the second lucky person today Ive visited.So nice love the purse as well.Enjoy!I wish I were lucky hahaah.

  2. By the way im liking your music.I copied Ingrids name down.

  3. Okay, I'm totally jealous!!!!!!! Look at that beaded handbag and that vintage alarm clock is fantastic!!
    I think I may mosey on over to your place and "tie YOU up" and bring your goodies back to Newnan with me where they truly belong, lol.
    I can always count on a smile when I visit you gal :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  4. oh - what a beautiful giveaway. I l LOVE that alarm clock and the purse too. Lucky you :D
    Tina xx

  5. WOw what wonderful Vintage purse!!! I love it very much, it's so so sweet! Lucky girl you too. Have a nice weekend!

  6. lovely package mail you had received...gonna envy you lady hehehe


  7. Tracy, I had a lovely comment all written and when I tried to post it, my computer threw me out of internet, and away went the comment. So, Try #2. Is it okay if I sit here turning an envious shade of green at the sight of that beaded purse you just got in your lovely give-away surprise box!! I love beaded purses, have since I was young and can remember pulling Mom by the hand over to the purse counter at the stores! You sure did get some great items. ENJOY each and every one of them! Take care, Debby

  8. tracy, i am really, really glad you liked all of your winnings! And, thank you for blogging about it - this is about the extent of my marketing. LOL
    Don't forget that in May sometime I'll be having another giveaway.
    I'm going to try and have one once a month - yours was just the second i've ever done - two months in a row - actually, it was the third since I did two this month.
    anyway, would love for you to enter May's giveway and June's and July's, hahaha.

    Thanks for being such a gracious winner.