Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eggstra Special Treat

You know the drill........... Heat the butter and melt the marshmellows.

Stir in those rice krispies.
Pour the batter in a bowl. Get your melted chocolate dipping sauce and your favorite sprinkles.

Form your eggs,dip in chocolate and add sprinkles! Voila...there's your eggstra special treat!




  1. These are so cute. What kid or adult, for that matter, wouldn't love rice crispy treat Easter eggs. Have a very blessed Easter!

  2. These look fun and yummy Tracy!

  3. These eggs are too cute! I wanted to tell you that your Easter tablescapes in a recent post are just lovely. Your porch is just wonderful. June

  4. Hi, Traci!
    Gosh, your eggs look amazing! Much better than the hard boiled one I had for lunch:)

    Oh, btw, I'm Jan from the Polka Dot Barn.
    Remember the Polka Dot Barn?
    The giveaway of the vintage clock and beaded clutch?


    you won.

    YOU WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sooooooo, I'm fixin to go to the studio and am going to get your vintage clock and your ephemera filled clutch all wrapped up and ready to mail...........I just need your mailing address:)


    email your address to me at, 'k?

    oh, this is so much fun! Jan

  5. Those look adorable ! I am going to make some "nests" this afternoon , I should take pictures ! Making yummy treats for Easter is so much fun !
    Have a blessed Easter !

  6. How absolutely yummy looking. My son loves Rice Kripsy treats. thanks for sharing!

  7. Love Rice Krispy Treats!!!Have a wonderful Easter~Thanks for stopping by my blog

  8. Yum! I've been eating these all week. Only I was too busy to make my own, so I had to get them from the grocery store. Surprisingly enough, they're just as yummy!
    Have a beautiful Easter!

  9. Those look so good I wish I had seen them earlier. My family would go crazy for them. I haven't been spending as much time blogging ........getting ready for Easter. I will have to remember them for next year. I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

  10. oh yeah...NOW you're talkin' my language:) Happy Easter Tracy!!!

  11. Tracy, YUMMMMYY!! I have not had rice krispie treats in ages!! They so remind me of being a kid and my mom making them for us, and then she would make them up for my own kids when we came back to NJ for a visit. She loved spoiling them all! Loved your pictures, they made me crave a treat! :-) Happy Easter to you and your family. Debby