Friday, April 24, 2009

I Dined and Wined Last Night

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It was a grand opening celebration party at a restaurant called Livingston last night. It is directly across the famous Fox Theatre. My husband took me along with a few of his co-workers. It's been awhile since I've been out and about in the party scene! It was alot of fun! Definately a people watching crowd!! The magazine Jezebel was there with their photographers. They took a shot of our group! So we shall see...I might be in next month's issue! You all can say you knew me when! Lol!The picture above is one of their private rooms. It ! It has the most beautiful windows that face the Fox Theatre.
They have outside seating too so it will be a fabulous place to eat and people watch on Peachtree Street!
Looking up at the sky line!Then back in I went to look down at all the people!
Then we headed over to the beautiful St. Regis hotel for some wine tasting. This hotel is simply exquisite!

I'm just letting you take it all in! It was truly a sight to see! Then we had our wine tasting....

Wow! Can you imagine? To say the least I tried a few too many wines last night.Lol! They all tasted wonderful to me! It was so much fun and if you are ever in Atlanta I highly recommend visiting these two places! They are definately a sight to see!Have a great Friday! Also it's Etsy Day today!!!

I'm giving a shout out to this wonderful marketplace where you can buy hand made arts and crafts from around the world. Most of you have heard of Etsy but if you haven'y check it out!

I have a shop on Etsy and love it! Also big news too I joined twitter today. I'm so lost it's not even funny! I'm following Ashton Kutcher.Too funny! I asked him to tweet about Etsy today. Lol! Anyways...I'm going to stop rambling now! Bye.



  1. Tracy!

    That sounds like an amazing day! My in-laws used to live in Atlanta, and we went to the Fox theater when I visited....gosh that was almost 10 years ago!

    Can we talk about the chandelier at the St. Regis? seriously. to. die. for.

    Have a great day of recovery and thinking back on your fun night!


  2. Wow gorgeous place the St.Regis Lovely.Kinda reminds me of a place in New York.I didnt know you lived in Atlanta.Course I didnt know where you were,LOL.Thanks for sharing what a night that must of been.

  3. Oh Tracy, what a lucky gal you were to have such a wonderful night out on the town, and in such an exquisite place! LOVE love love the pictures of that hotel!! wow!!! I can picture me and hubby having a weekend away in a place like that, I might never want to go home agian!! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful night out with us. If I ever get out like that, I will have to remember to take my camera along. BTW, love the song playing here on your blog, it suits the post from today!! It really gets my toes moving under the computer table and my hips are wanting to sway too, if only it could all happen under that fab chandelier at the hotel!! :-) ciao, Debby

  4. Looks like you all had a wonderful time! The hotel is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the photos. It's been forever ago since I went to downtown Atlanta.

  5. Hello Tracy i beg you have a wonderful night enjoyed the fine dined and beautiful Hotel, But have you forgotten to take some of yourself pictures? I love to see so much and let me envy looking and dreaming when my hubby willing to bring me out for fine dine, my dear you must be so enjoyed you delicious and wine, Arrhhh.....envy envy!!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!


  6. Sounds like you have a wonderful evening! What a gorgeous hotel!