Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Just Love Lavender

The tiny fragrant puple flowers that shoot out from dark green spikes. They are a mound of gray foliage and are so fragrant and pretty! I have seen fields of them in the south of France and it is a sight to see! The picture above is a watercolor drawing I did years ago inspired by my travels. Again I've tried my luck at growing this flower but I usually don't have luck keeping it alive.It's my brown thumb! Lol! Well last Spring I bought about 7 plants.

Here is one of my growing mounds and I can't wait to see some shoots coming out soon!

Here is my field of lavender! I really hope they do well this summer! My climate is very hot and dry in the summer ... so we shall see!!! I love to cut bouquets of them and put them in vases all around! It's definately one of my favorites! How about any of you??? Any luck with Lavender?Let me know if you have any secrets for keeping them healthy.Thanks! Have a great rest of the day!



  1. I love Lavender as well Tracy.Every year I keep thinking I want to get a small plant and I forget.This year for sure!lol.

  2. Cut them back after they bloom, and gather a thick blanket of leaves in the fall and cover them generously for over winter.....

    EMAIL ME!!

  3. I love lavender as well! There is a lavender festival every year, not far from my home. I just love to go see all the rows and rows of beautiful plants. There are so many varieties as well. I love your watercolor, what a talent! Now, I must run and put your blog on my blog roll.

  4. my lavender never did well...i tried planting it several years in a row...and it always died...yours looks very happy!!! that's a lovely picture:)

  5. I love your lavender. Imade the mistake of trying to grow it without planting it on a mound...so they died. Someday I will try again. Yours look healthy...please show us pics when they bloom!!

  6. Gee I have to take a picture of mine...I didn't plant on a mound, but the come up every year anyway. I do cute them back and make sure there's extra mulch and leaves around them for the winter months. I will take some pics in about a month!!!

  7. Tracy,
    Your watercolors amaze me always...........
    I will keep the little vase of whatcolor flowers you created,framed and gave to me for........Christmas? forever!
    Hope to see you soon.
    Aunt Debbie

  8. I will be adding more to my garden this year. The color always makes me so happy.
    Very sweet.

  9. I also love lavender. It is one of my favs. That painting you did is so lovely. I just adore water colors.
    See you soon, June