Saturday, May 2, 2009

Excitability is down......

The past couple of days I've been dealing with a wax build up in my right ear! I went to ths doctor's on Thursday because I can't hear to well in that ear! It's like going up in a plane and waiting for your ear to pop. It's not painful just extremely uncomfortable! The doctor perscribed antibiotic ear drops to use three times a day. I can't stand using them it seems it fill my ear more with no relief. Ugh! I've never had this happen before. Anyways to say the least excitability is down like in the diagram above! Lol!Any tips for making my ear feel better let me know!



  1. oh my gosh, you poor thing! my daughter just had the exact same thing happen to her, and we had to take her to the dr. too, thinking it might have been an ear infection. Nope, wax build up. They did the exact same thing, she got antibiotics, and then she got a special based-on-natural-ingredients kind of med to take every hour for the first 2 days. It worked like a charm! I hope you are feeling better tho, I know how uncomfortable it can be when your ears are stuffed up. Makes you feel as if you are moving around in a cloud, not quite with your feet on the ground! "Gute Besserung", Get well soon in german; :-) Debby

  2. feel better soon!

    diggin' the music!

  3. Hi - I have had the same problem before. My ear tubes are just really small. Every now and then I have to have the wax vacuumed from my ear, it coats my eardrum making it sound like I am under water. You might ask the doc about that - hope you are better soon!!

  4. Oh you poor thing, blocked ears is the worst! When it happened to me my doctor flushed my ears out with warm water in a syringe, so much gunk came out, and wow, what a difference it made! I actually felt really disorientated for a while as everything was really really loud!
    Hope it gets better soon x

  5. the usual thing to do for wax buildup is to use drops that soften the wax for several days and then have the softened wax flushed out...i am not sure what the antibiotics are for...unless you also have an ear infection{?}

  6. Oh, you poor dear! My hubby has that problem occasionally too. They treat it as mentioned by some of your other readers...with softening drops and a flush. Good luck, hope you get it cleared up soon!
    Smiles, Karen