Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Want to Ride my Bicycle...

Well..not really.,but I just love this garden bike! It's so cute and I get to change out the pots of flowers with the seasons. I've told you all before I pretty much have a brown thumb but I love flowers!! Around my mailbox is looking pretty perky actually!!

I think because we've been getting alot of rain and things are staying alive! I tend to be a pot and basket girl and like to use elements in the garden to distract people from my not so pretty landscaping.

A rusty ,old mailbox a friend gave me and I just loved it!

This is my rosemary bush that is growing wild and free...I love herbs just growing here and there! I like to know I have some in the yard for cooking. Well actually for my hubby cause he's the chef in the family! Anyways..just thought I would share some elements of my yard!



  1. Wow - I think your yard looks pretty great, actually. Don't you love Rosemary? I love the way it looks, smells and tastes in food. I have to have it. It grows better than my basil too! :)

  2. Tracy,
    This is a really pretty blog. I love the
    bike and the old bird house too.
    Please let's get together soon!
    Miss you.............