Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fashion Forward

I have a little fashion designer on my hands! She is 12 and already knows that she wants to be a designer! She is so inspired by Betsey Johnson! Every time we are at the mall she begs me to go in and look at the dresses! She already invisions herself wearing one at the prom! We shall see...I'm hoping she can design her own!Lol! It would be possibly cheaper!I love to look at her little drawings and I think she is very talented! One day I believe her name will be on labels!I just thought I would share some of her inspirations! Have a great day!



  1. our girls would so! get along!!
    she does the same thing! she's 10 :)

  2. Cute drawings. I'm diggin' the Tams! BTW, Parsons School of Design and Tobe' Colburn are kinda pricy...maybe you need to up the price on the tags and add a diamond or two to the necklaces! HA!
    I also wanted to be a fashion designer, but my father insisted on education as my career. Back in the day we had a comic book called "Katy Keene." She was a fashion designer and I think that's where I got the idea. Hope to see you soon.

  3. Very cool! And very talented too!

    Our Pretty Lady is very into fashion sketching. She goes through sketch books like you wouldn't believe.

  4. Tracy, her drawings are so cute and good too!
    Very creative........gets that from her mom!

    Talked to Ann Whiteside the other day, she
    asked about you.

    Please don't lose touch. Deb

  5. She has a serious talent...hummm Mom infuence :) I'm not sure if you can sew but it would be worth a try to bring those creations to life.... So sweet!
    Take care

  6. How cute! I remember my odlest doing something like this.Its nice to see when they try something that makes them think about their future.Its great for them to learn new and different things at that age.

  7. It is not just a mom's pride seeing how cute and well drawn the pictures are, we can see it too. your daughter has the knack! I would so love to see her name on a real clothing label some day. Wouldn't that be the coolest thing. Thanks for sharing such a delightful post with us.

    Tracy, the tea towel arrived and I love it, it is already hanging in my kitchen with strict instructions from me that NO one should dry their wet hands on it, it is for display only!! Thank you so much!!!