Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spring Inspiration

I've been inspired by all the sprouting buds!I just love the pretty colors that Spring brings!I made this little doo dah. I call her Prissy the Peep!I had fun making it. I had the inspiration bug this morning and it's been raining cats and dogs yesterday and today.So I decided to create something cheery and fun!I hope you all having a great week-end full of inspiration too!Let me ask...Where do you draw your inspiration from?



  1. Right now if I draw my inspiration from Nature I would have to make mud pies. That is about all we have - mud. Can't work outside. Each step leaves an indentation in the lawn. I'll have to stay inside and draw my inspiration from folks like you. Darling little "doo dah".

  2. Oh thats so sweet. Lovely for Eastertime.I dont have much inspiration for sketching as of few months back.I guess Ive been much to busy with other things.I cant wait til spring maybe that will bring me some for sure.

  3. Your little Peep is adorable!! Snow for tomorrow????? Geesh....jonquils, Bradford Pear, Baby's Breath and too many other trees and bushes in bloom for that!!

  4. What a lovely blog and such a beautiful post!!
    I love the little peep girl :)
    Take good care and........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  5. What an adorable little creation! I just love how you make all kinds of things, seem to just let your creativity take you where it will and at the end of it, you have something cute, adorable and imaginative! I wish I could do that!! Where does my inspiration come from, uhhmm, mostly from books, things I see on the internet, or when I get a new ribbon then suddenly I know just what to do with it. But of late, I don't seem to be inspired at all. Where did my creative juices go? Come back, I miss you! :-O Have a good weekend, inspite of rain. Believe it or not, right this weekend here in germany we have sunshine and the temps are rising. It feels like spring is in the air for sure, but I know that it is short lived. There is bound to be much more rain coming our way, and MUD too, before real spring arrives! Debby