Thursday, February 12, 2009

Made with Love

I told you all I was going to try and bake that chocolate cherry stack cake. Well...this is my attempt.I ended up making cupcakes.I just baked them fresh today! I decided the kids would enjoy these more and I'll save the cake for entertaining or something! Ha!Anyways these chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting will be waiting for them when they come in the door! The kitchen smells so good right now!I think I'll eat one before they come home.


  1. have two, they look so yummy!!!

  2. These look so good!! Nothing makes the kitchen smell better than homemade cupcakes. I thought I would be smart and try my first attempt at homemade candy - heart suckers. Not only that, but I thought I would be smart and make 42 of them for both of my girls' classes...needless to say, I gave that crazy idea up after one batch realizing that it was so not worth it! I think I would have been better off making cupcakes!

  3. These cupcakes are adorable! I always end up making cupcakes instead of a cake... they stay cute longer, and they're portable :)