Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh the Monday blues

There's nothing like Aromatheraputic household cleaners to kick start your week! Yes...It's Monday! Time for me to start my weekly chores.Oh what fun!I do enjoy Mrs. Meyers products though. I just bought this floor cleaner and surface scrub and love the fresh basil scent.It's alot better than clorox!!I also use the hand soap too.Right now I'm using lemon verbena in the kitchen and bath.I really think I'm drawn to the cute packaging. Anyways it gets me cleaning and the house smells good too! Happy Monday!


  1. Tracy, I think you may be sniffing a little too much of that aromatheraputic stuff... it's Tuesday, my dear! lol :) Those Mrs. Meyer's products sound wonderful ~ i LOVE basil and lemongrass! The packaging is really appealing too... I'm a sucker for a good old-fashioned font and the colors are fab!

    Enjoy your yummy scented cleaning and have a happy day :) ~ Angela

  2. Oh my gosh..It is Tuesday! I'm so off with the kids off yesterday! Lol!Thanks Angela for reminding me. How funny!

  3. LOL!!! Isn't it funny how one little change in our routine just throws everything helter skelter! LOL! So where do you get Mrs. Meyer's products. Lemongrass sounds like it would make cleaning a bit more enjoyable...if there is such a thing!

  4. I found it at The Fresh Market and at Harry's Farmers Market. Not sure if you have those around you. I just checked though and they have their own website.

    You'll love the stuff so much you will forget which day it is! LoL!

  5. i never know what day it is either...LOL...i love when the house smells clean and fresh too...i wish it wasn't so dang cold out so i could open the windows and let some fresh air in...soon i hope...