Sunday, February 15, 2009

My one daffodil

Signs of Spring are all around my home! Buds are starting to come out.I thought I would show you how far some of my daffodils are coming.On Friday one of my sweet little girls came up to me and said"I have something for you" and she handed me my one dafodil that has bloomed. It was very sweet.I remember walking to school and picking the flowers out of peoples yards and giving them to my teachers.Those people were probably so mad that their garden was being plucked! I think of those days when my kids come to me with flowers! I really don't have much of a garden so it's kind of funny! I'm a flower pot,baskets and container girl! Anyways ..Here's my one daffodil!



  1. I love daffodils - always a reminder that spring is coming. I can remember that feeling too...."Surprise mommie!" and me giving a big smile and a hug, all the while thinking OMG - she picked my only flower! LOL! Cindy

  2. Oh Tracy, you have a flower already! Much much more then we have over here right now, we just have rain and mud, and nothing pretty out there to suggest that spring time is any where near to coming. It will be a while for us before the flowers come up, we seem to be a month behind the states in blooming and warming up for the new season of spring. Oh hurry along spring time, I am ready. -- Debby

  3. Oh, that's too sweet and funny!
    My son used to do that with strawberries. The few that would actually grow, he would pluck. Only he didn't share them with me. I would find him sitting in the garden with a red sticky mouth and not a strawberry in sight!

  4. That's so sweet, Tracy :) It looks like you have many more daffodils on the way... what a lovely sight!