Friday, February 27, 2009

Baby's Breath is Blooming

It's a dreary day today but my Baby's Breath bushes are really starting to bloom! I just love these bushes! I have two of them in my front yard. They only bloom for a short period in the early spring.The flowers are so pretty and dainty.I love cutting them and putting them in flower arrangements!Just thought I would share some more of my Spring sprouts in my yard!I just love seeing everything come alive again!Have a happy Friday!



  1. Baby's Breath, one of my favorites!!! I always know spring is around the corner when I see her bloom!
    Tracy, I love your Tic,Toc Box! It is so cool! Creative

  2. Oh how pretty! I've never actually seen Baby's Breath before it's been cut and shipped to a florist! LOL

  3. Its funny I just bought some artificial babys breath for my bedroom.I put it into a cute little vase.Love the stuff.

  4. oooooh, that is so nice to see...sure signs of spring...thanks for sharing!!!