Thursday, February 5, 2009

Be Mine Giveaway

Be my 1st person to win my 1st blog giveaway!In this giveaway you will recieve a scrapbook piece of paper,a gold foiled heart doily,purple glitter(fairy dust),a white silk flower and my 1st attempt at an ATC.I think my dimensions are a little smaller though.I think it came out cute and I hope you do too! I would like to thank Ms.Suzee Que for the wonderful fairy images and the Faerie Zine for inspiration!I will draw a name on Feb. 11th.Please leave a comment and an e-mail I can reach you at if you win. So be mine and this can be yours!




  1. oh, and i'm the first to comment too...well that clinches it, i will email you my addy...LOL...i would love to win your sweet giveaway Tracy!!!

  2. oooohhhhh noooooo you don't misseskwitty, lol
    I'm gonna win!
    Anything you give away tiedupmemories, I want!
    You always come up with such creative items in your shop.
    Okay, if someone other than myself has to win then I will concede over to missesk, lol.
    blessings to all,

  3. ooops, I mean faeriewindow, lol.
    You can tell, I'm out to win, heeheeehee :)

  4. The ATC is lovely! I can't see what else you come up with next.

    Oh, and *pick me, pick me* (done jumping up and down raising my hand now)

    Happy Friday!