Thursday, February 19, 2009

Full of life

My sweet daughter tried cheering me up all day yesterday. She shed some tears too when she saw how sad I was. What a sweetie! She is so full of life and just a happy go lucky girl! I wanted to share this collage she and I made for her bedroom which truly describes her personality!She is very creative and loves art too!This collage is so fun ,bright and cheerful! I just love her so and I want to thank her for making me smile and making me feel happy every time I walk by her room!P.S I look way beyond the clutter! LoL!


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  2. What a sweetheart! I'm going to have to start keeping some tissues with me when I read blogs ~ lol Your collage is so fun and colorful... I love it & can see why it makes you smile :)

    Hugs to both of you sweet girls ~ Angela