Monday, November 9, 2009

Cherished Moments

As I look at this sweet figurine I can't help but think of cherished moments! Each day is a blessing and sometimes we take every day moments for granted. I'm trying so hard to have a more positive outlook on things and really cherish each little moment that makes me smile. Just like this sweet couple .They look so in love and happy to be together!

I found this adorable figurine at a flea market awhile ago and do not know the origin of it or how old it is. I've had it displayed in my home for awhile and now I'm passing it on to someone who would like to have a smile every time they look at it! It's currently for sale in my Etsy shop.Wishing you all a happy day full of positive thoughts!



  1. Happy day to you as well Tracy!

  2. Some days life does tend to over whelm me too, and i am trying to just savor all the little moments, all the wonderful little things in life that give me pleasure. they get me thru the rough spots! hugs, debby

  3. Love the cute little couple! A sweet sentiment and so true! We never know what tomorrow may bring! We have to savor the moments!