Friday, November 13, 2009

Tarte a la framboise

Ooh la yummy! Just wanted to let you see our dessert last night! I of course did not make it. My friend Joe did! Lol! Trader Joes that is! I saw these tarts the other day and I bought an Apple Tarte Tatin which I will show you another day! They are both products of France! The presentation looks like it comes from a patisserie! This tarte was so yummy! I thought I would tempt your tummies again and advice you to run to your nearest Trader Joes and get some! Perfect for the upcoming holidays or to whip out when company comes! A little secret from me to you!Happy Weekend!



  1. you are teasing me again!!! i don't have a trader joe' sad!!!

    have a great weekend Tracy!!!

  2. Oh Tracy, you are getting me craving something yummy like that. The bakery here in town has tortes like that, filled right up to the crusty edges with berries and fruits! Some of the cream cakes have berry toppings looking just like that. If I hurry I can make it before they close up this evening, I will get the pot of coffee going before I leave, and then i can sit down and enjoy it with a movie. Good bye any ideas of dieting this winter!! :-) hugs, Debby

  3. I technically cannot advertise - that would send my county officials wanting a share (lol)

    I have "shared" my goods from the kitchen....while those "friends" have "tipped" me for my hard work.........

    and that tart looks awesome!

  4. ohhhh shame on you!!! You always find such great looking goodies to tempt us with, lol.
    I sadly too do not have a friend named joe either.
    So will have to settle for some Haagan das peppermint bark ice cream :0

  5. Oh Tracy!! I came to say hello and that I missed you and now all I can think of is that tart!!! It looks so yummy. We have Trader Joe's here, but I have never eaten there. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Sweetie! Love, Jamie

  6. That looks yummy! Trader Joe's does have some very good pies!

  7. if you liked it (as I did), try the TJ wild blueberry tarte. it may be even better !!!

  8. how dear you're right ! raspberry and blueberry TJ tartes (frozen) are my favourites in the TJ freezers !