Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ahhh...So much inspiration and style

That's right! Theres is so much inspiration and style in this store! What is a girl to do?

I recieved my November 2009 Anthropologie catalog yesterday and I get butterflies as I tun each page!
I am so inspired by this place! The way the photo shots are done and the beautiful things that are in the photos!

I have not been in the store for awhile and I'm thinking it's time to go soon and get myself something for the up coming holidays! Don't ya think I should? How about you?

Well this is my inspiration and wanted to share with you all this magical place I call Anthropologie! Check it out for yourselves!

Get inspired!



  1. Hi there, I can see why you got excited really beautiful stuff, will definately check out!Please pop round Monday and check out the first guest blogger in My Passport to Styles, week long guest blogging event!!Sharon xxxoo

  2. my first visit here on your blog was about Anthro - so any time you mention it, I think about that...........with smiles.........

    within the first 3 seconds, I'm in inspiration freak out mode........

    then try to take it all in with my handy notebook in my pocket!!


  3. gorgeous...i guess i am off their mailing list...i never get a catalog anymore:(

  4. Yep......go get yourself something wonderful!!! LOL!

  5. Oh, I could thumb through their catalogs over and over again. And the store itself, well......

  6. If I'm ever near Anthropologie, I will visit just for the inspiration!