Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Just waking up and already have visions of pancakes and waffles on my mind! I love them! I don't make a habit of eating them all the time but every once in awhile I'll make them on the weekend or even make them for dinner! The kids love it!I actually love chocolate chips in mine!My favotite were at a place I've been to called The Blackberry Farm in Tennesee.They were some kind of blueberry,oatmeal nut combination...oh and they were called griddle cakes! Remind me a bit like these.......

This photo is from Mary Engelbreit's cookbook! Cornmeal Pancakes with Cranberry Compote. Ooh La la!Well Just thought I'd tempt your tummies! I'm off for a jog before I start flipping the cakes! Have great day!



  1. Oh Tracy, you are sooo a girl after my own heart. How many mornings do I wake up and just seem to be craving waffles, so just have to make them or I will not be happy for the rest of the day. I too have been known to make them for dinner, and have never had a complaint out of anyone with a meal like that on the table!! Enjoy!! Hubby likes pancakes american style and I often serve them with fresh apple slices cooked into them or with apple sauce on top. And don't forget a dab of cinnamon. :-) Debby

  2. Another pancake lover over here! I'm pretty famous in our circle for my buttermilk cakes, they claim they are the very best around!

    I don't know exactly what makes them so special, maybe it's because I've learned through trial and error the right proportion of wet to dry ingredients or that I beat my eggwhites and fold them in, or add a nice big splash of vanilla, or it may just be that they are used to yucky boxed mixes! lol

    I never make them for breakfast, which is weird I guess--I make them for supper and always make a huge batch so I have leftovers to freeze (freeze them in batches of 3 so you can have them for a meal whenever you want!)

    Thanks so much...I think I just figured out what's for supper tonight!

    Smiles, Karen

    Oh, and BTW--lol, "what's an album?" Hahahaha!

  3. Yum! Those look divine! We had them alot while on vaca this week.

  4. Weekend mornings are made so much better with pancakes or waffles! Thanks for reminding me I need to make some soon!