Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Timeless Beauty

I've been busy creating! I had fun with this perticular piece! It's an asymmetrical necklace. I love making necklaces that are unique and artsy and pretty too!This necklace does have a Timeless Beauty about it! It has a brass locket as the pendant with a vintage watch face on it.If you would like more information about it just click on to my Etsy shop. I've been making lots of new earrings too! Anyways just wanted to share my newsest creation!Have great day!



  1. that is beautiful!!! i love the staging of your picture too...it is lovely:)

  2. Oh - I love that new necklace of yours Tracy. So beautiful with that vintage watch

  3. Tracy, I see that you are busy creating gorgous things again!! You do come up with the nicest ideas. As for your son's pictures from the Tour de France, oh my gosh, they really are spectacular, and I think it is FANTASTIC that he was actually there and got to see them let alone snap so many great shots of them all. And Lance! Wow. I am soooo glad that you shared them with us. I have been following the race thru internet and the newspaper each morning, have not had much chance during the day to turn the TV on. I do like keeping tabs on it all though. hope all is sunny with you, Debby

  4. ...and sheer beauty! I love browsing your etsy shop! SO cute!

    Happy day to you and yours,
    Christina xo