Sunday, July 12, 2009

Carte Postale

Today my son is coming home from a 2 week stay in France with his grandma! Wow! what an experience he has had.First time away from home for so long and by himself! We have missed him! Grandma has kept him busy taking him to all the sights you can see in Paris! He's been to Normandy in the north of France and to Montpellier in the south!We have recieved these postcards with small greetings written on them. I can't wait to hear all about his trip and to see the over 480 photos he says he took! His sister let him borrow her Flip video camera too! So we shall see some films too! Ooh La la.....What a trip I'm sure! For grandma too! I would like to Thank grandma for taking such good care of him and teaching him the language and culture of of France!!! As I've said before...Grandma doesn't speak English and my son doesn't speak French. It makes everything interesting!!!Anyways,we are anxiously awaiting his return and I bet he's ready to come home too!It's bitter sweet when you have to leave from vacation and family but always good to come home too!I'll keep you posted on his time spent in France.



  1. How nice!How interesting that she doesnt speek french and he does,LOL.Have a great new week ahead!

  2. would he consider taking me along next time...LOL...i bet that was a trip of a lifetime...what a lucky boy!!!

  3. what a wonderful opportunity. I'll bet his Grandmère is thrilled to spend time with him. Love transcends language!