Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Key to Happiness

Hello All! Sorry I have not been in blog world for a week or so. I guess it's those lazy,hazy days of summer. Nothing too exciting going on here.Which is good because school starts back up on Aug. 1oth here{which is my B-day} Whoo Hoo! All the kids activities will be going on and I have 3 going in 3 different grade level schools next year. Ugh!Life will be busy!I still will manage to get all my crafting done too though! In fact I entered a contest on the DIY Martha Stewart wedding website..

It's a wedding favor/ centerpiece. I thought why not enter and I encourage all of you crafty people to do it too! Why Not and who knows you may get noticed by Martha! Anyways just wanted to let you all know I'm still here just enjoying the last weeks of summer!



  1. wow, your school year starts really early...we go back at the tail end of august...your little flower pot is cute!!! good luck with the contest:)

  2. I love the flower pot, yeah kids go back here the end of August too.Best of Luck with the contest!

  3. all the best of luck to you!

    (just a bit of my Irish comin' out :)

  4. HI! School starts over here too in the middle of August, around the 14th I think. Only another 3 weeks to go here in Germany, since we have a total of 6 weeks during the summer. Makes for a short time-off. But it works some how. I too have not been on blogger for more then a week and I feel terrible about that, but finally got something posted today and now I just want to spend some time going around visiting all my favorite people! hugs, Debby