Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spiderwebs on my mind

Today I went for my morning jog. Lately I've been running without my i -pod. It let's me think more clearly without the music. I tend to notice more things too while I'm running. I'm actually looking at objects to see what I can use for my crafting. Today is misty and damp. I noticed everywhere there was spiderwebs with droplets of water on them. Pretty... yet not the creature that makes them.
These webs that are on the bush are there when I run by them every day. I usually put the fake webs on my bushes around Halloween but my neighbors don't need to!Ha!

These acorns I found on my run the other day and I dipped them in glitter! Very easy if you have acorns around or you could paint them. Too cute to display in a bowl for the fall! I have these listed in my Etsy shop now for anyone who is interested! Well just a misty ,spiderweb,nature sort of day today!

Enjoy your day!



  1. UGh there are alot of spider webs on your journey jogging,lol.Its funny once you see them or a spider you feel they are with you the rest of the day,lol.Oh its spooky Halloween soon Tracey it goes with the month,lol.Love the acorns.Enjoy the day!

  2. not a fan of the spider web...those stinkers build webs all over my windows...yuk...i love your sparkly acorns...too cute!!!

  3. spider webs are one of my favorite things Tracy.........they are so metaphorically poetic...you sound like you are going through a metamorphis yourself

  4. Hi Tracy!

    Thank you so much for coming by today and brightening my day! I feel much better now hearing from my blogging friends. It's nice to know we have such a great network out there available to us when we need it. Thanks!