Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A sweet swap from Nada Farm

If you have not been by to see my friend Ann Marie from Na Da Farm..... you must! She is one of the best bloggers out there in my opinion! One day she poppped on by with a sweet hello and we quickly became friends! We decided to do a swap one day and she would make me a skirt and I make her a necklace. She knows I love Anthropologie and makes her own clothing similar in style( a bit bohemian,artsy,comfortable!)She showed me the style skirt and told me to pick my fabric colors. So I did and this is the finished product!!! I love it! The above tag was tied on the beautiful package.
The sweet smell of lavender tucked inside the tied fabric!
Well here I am striking a pose! The colors are perfect for me! Fall colors which I love!

It even goes perfect with my funky yellow shoes! I would like to thank Ann Marie for the time she took to make me this awesome skirt! I forgot to take pictures of what I sent her so please do stop by her lovely blog! You will be hooked! She is an inspiration to all and maybe if you are lucky she will do a swap with you!


  1. you little cutie!! you look great in that skirt/colors - and love your flair.........

    and I even got to see a glimpse of your home!

    again......thanks for agreeing to my idea, and I'm SO glad we did.....someone just told me that they just bought a necklace from you....

    p.s. glad to see it didn't get all 'messed up' with the packaging....

  2. that is THE cutest looks great on you Tracy!!!

  3. Anne Marie took the words right out of my mouth Tracy, "you little cutie". You really do look fantastic in that skirt, you really have a great figure for that style. I am turning pea green over here over your slim figure. It has been years and years since I could strike a pose like that!! :-) Too many choc. chip cookies, good german cake, and all this lovely german style bread over here working its not-so-lovely magic on my shape!" :-) Anyway, do love the skirt!!

  4. Love the skirt! Will have to check out Anne Marie's blog!

  5. Tracy thats adorable.That looks so sweet on you.Yes lovely fall colors.I love the lavender idea as well.

  6. What a great skirt. I looks beautiful on you Tracy. Love those shoes too :D