Saturday, September 5, 2009

Flock together series

Hello All! I have been a busy beaver lately! Which is a good thing!! Making gift tags like there's no tomorrow. I've got the creative juices flowing for the moment!I hope all is well with everyone and I'm sorry for not posting or checking in. It's funny how when I first started blogging how easy it was to post everyday about something or anything and I had no problem. Now I think to myself well that's silly and not interesting to write about so another day passes...and another. Well this post is especially for my mother in law in France! She is such a sweetie checking in to see if I posted and I keep getting a phone call saying"I still see those crows!" Too funny! SO I thought I would post about my new bird tags. These are called Flock together series. They are great as tags or ornaments! Also new earrings! Aqua blue treasures...Ooh La La! These are in my Etsy shop now. Anyways I'm going to check out the blogs today or this weekend and see what's going on! Take Care!



  1. Love those bird tags - they are beautiful. I can´t stop making tags too - lol. So funny
    Have a lovely sunday.
    ~ Tina

  2. that's so cute that your MIL is following your blog and letting you know when it's time to update...i LOVE your new tags...the bird images are really sweet...very pretty earrings too!!!

  3. Love your birdtags and the earrings are lovely also!