Monday, August 24, 2009

Here come the crows!

The birds are so creepy to me!I am intrigued by them though. I usually see them in the morning while I'm jogging. They are usually in flocks of 5 or more just grazing in the grass. They are paricularly more interesting in the fall of course! Anyways...these crows are my inspiration for my new Halloween bird tags! They are whimsy and fun and not as creepy as a crow! I've been busy making Fall/Halloween tags for my shop on Etsy and it looks like people are already in the mood for this season. It's my favorite! I grew up in Upstate N.Y and we had the best Fall seasons! I miss it. It's pretty here in Georgia too, but the season doesn't last as long. Well I'll show you my inspirations and wish you all a fabulous week !

Have you ever heard of a Ghost bird???? Well here they are! Boo!



  1. Your new tags are beautiful Tracy.
    although I don´t know if beautiful is the right word here, but I really like those halloween goodies. I try to capture the spirit as we don´t celebrate it at my place :D - absolutely great

  2. Tracy - I have to say I love your new tags (I really like crows!) and I like the other Halloween ones in your Etsy shop a lot! I've been eyeing them all week! :)

  3. Tracy, I really love your new tags!! How nice that you turned such an eerrie real life bird into something so cute on paper! You are so creative! I have to go over to etsy to check them out! ciao, Debby

  4. Oh Tracy, those are so cute. I am going to have to pop over and take a closer look. Take care..Kathi

  5. crows creep me out too but the ones on your altered tags are adorable!


  6. Love these tags, they are adorable!
    Magic and Joy!

  7. hello!

    your tags for fall are great. i keep thinking that i should get crafty with the pretty autumn colors. very inspiring!