Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Halloween Giveaway

It's that time! I have not been a good blogger lately so I decided to have a giveaway just in time for Halloween! I made 3 Halloween ornaments. A sweet shadow box ornament made out of a tin,a paper leaf ornament ( or gift tag) and a baked clay pumpkin sit about or ornament. Just a few goodies to get you ready for the Halloween! All you have to do is comment and your name will go in the drawing! I will have the drawing on October 1st.Also I'm offering free shipping on any Halloween item in my Etsy shop! Happy Sunday!



  1. Tracy, I haven't been blogging lately either, so I see we are both on the same wave length, lol. But yesterday I blogged about my practice run teaparty so I think I am getting back into the blogger mode again :)
    Love your halloween giveaway, as I always love everything you do!

  2. Love to get in on your giveaway, Tracy.
    I know sometimes it's difficult to get everything done that we need to and so the blogging goes by the wayside.

  3. I have been a bad blogger too. It is just hard to maintain regular posts without seeming "forced". Your blog IS lovely, however, and reading it and viewing your beautiful creations is a pleasure.
    Love your Halloween goodies, especially the tin ornament. So creative!

  4. Oh - I love your halloween goodies.
    I would love to be entered. I´m so happy I got home from vacation in time ;D

  5. Love them so cute.Please count me in as well.

  6. Tracy, what cute halloween goodies!!! so nice to hear from you again:)