Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pretty Girl

I just love this image! I think she definately is a "Pretty Girl"! Which brings me to my inspiration piece that I have made.
Something about this necklace is very feminine,dainty,romantic and oh so pretty!

I truly believe any woman can be pretty!This necklace can be found in my Etsy shop!Thank you for taking a peek! Wishing you all a happy day!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Talk about organization.....

Well...the other day when I said I was going to get organized I was inspired by my hubby! Every once and awhile he will go through the kids art drawer{ we keep paper,crayons,colored pencils,scissors} he will take out their pencils and sharpen each one! I think it's a tedious job and think it's pointless{ no punt on the word point...Ha ha!} Yet he thinks it's better for them and everyhing is neat and tidy! Well this time he took the pencil out of the box and put them in ordinary drinking glasses and displayed them on a dresser I have in the living room! Voila! It was a work of art on it's own! I just loved the look of it! Very atrsy,chic and neat and tidy!So to tell you the truth hubby is the reason I'm going through this organization phase!

Nothing like sharpening pencils and getting right to the point!Just thought I would share that!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Caribbean Waters

I would like to feature my latest creation. Thoughts of the pretty Caribbean waters come to mind as I look at this necklace! I just love the crystal clear beads and the aqua shell beads mixed together. As I look through my inventory of necklaces, I really must love this color! This necklace can be found in my Etsy shop... www.tiedupmemories.etsy.com

There's just something about this tranquil setting that makes us all Oooh and Ahhhh!! Can you see why this is my inspiration? Wishing you all a happy day!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An update on the Humpty Dumpty Swap

I while back I shared with you my ATC's that I made for the faerie zine group I'm in on Flickr. The theme was Humpty Dumpty at the circus. As I've told you in the past,I love making these artitist trading cards! They are so much fun and I love the challenge to create tiny works of art!The 1st card I recieved was"Tightrope Humpty" by Angellea......

How cute is he balancing on the tightrope!I just love it! Then I recieved a card from Stacy [Creativemuse]. She didn't put a title but I'll call it "The Dainty Dancing Dumpty"! It put a smile on my face. Too cute!

It's so amazing the creativity one has! We are all alike, but yet so different! What can I say...Two of a kind!

Have a great day!


Monday, June 15, 2009

artnest: Art Nest Goodies GIVEAWAY - design your own ring and needle nest!!!

What a fun Giveaway!!I would love the chance to win one of these fabulous rings!! How about you?If you haven't visited this blog before I would like to introduce you the Art Nest!!Beautiful work and blog!!! Have a great day!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Inspired to get organized

Well...I'm back from my trip to the lake. It was a nice getaway for a couple of days. The weather was nice and we had a nice family time!Now I feel the need to get organized!Time to remove the clutter and clean and rearrange! I need inspiration and so I feel the first step is to get organized!Summer is the perfect time to do so...I can even get the kiddos involved to help me in this fun process! Yes ...Lol...I'm trying to be very positive! I will keep you posted on my progress!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A package from Denmark

I was so excited to recieve this package from my friend Tina! I entered her giveaway and won these sweet cards and gift tags! I just love them! They are full of nostalgia...right up my alley!! If you haven't visited her blog before...you should! Tina makes the most adorable,tiny bears! They will sure put a smile on your face!http://tinybear-dk.blogspot.com/2009/06/new-bears-available.html Well, I wanted to share with you my new cards and say Hello I have been in a blog slump!Ya know those... I'm off for a little R&R for a few days and I'm sure I will be filled with inspirations when I come back!!Wishing you all a happy day!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Found treasures

Just wanted to show you my new work of art! I just love making collages!This is a 6x12 collage on canvas. It's layered with papers and paint and embellishments. It's fun and bright and would add a touch of whimsy in any decor! This collage can be found in my etsy shop! Thanks for taking a peek!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It started with a trough....

My daughter is on the dance team at school and this week is one of her camps filled with fun activities!
Oh Yeah! They loaded the trough with ice cream and all the toppings you can think of and then......

The cows came in to eat the ice cream! What a site to see! No hands and 16 girls feeding there faces!Lol! If only you could hear the sounds they were making. It was alot of fun and the girls loved this activity!It's actually a great idea for parties!Messy but fun! Wishing you all a great day!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy June!

I was so excited to get a note in my mailbox on Etsy that I've been featured again on http://www.onthedotcreations.typepad.com/ ! It was only yesterday that I mentioned my newest creation! I call the necklace"Stella". It's really a unique and pretty piece if I don't say so myself. Okay enough talk about the necklace. I definately want to thank Julie for this feature and I love the way she does these mosaics! Such a fun blog with dots in mind!Wishing you all a Happy June!