Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A sweet swap from Nada Farm

If you have not been by to see my friend Ann Marie from Na Da Farm..... you must! She is one of the best bloggers out there in my opinion! One day she poppped on by with a sweet hello and we quickly became friends! We decided to do a swap one day and she would make me a skirt and I make her a necklace. She knows I love Anthropologie and makes her own clothing similar in style( a bit bohemian,artsy,comfortable!)She showed me the style skirt and told me to pick my fabric colors. So I did and this is the finished product!!! I love it! The above tag was tied on the beautiful package.
The sweet smell of lavender tucked inside the tied fabric!
Well here I am striking a pose! The colors are perfect for me! Fall colors which I love!

It even goes perfect with my funky yellow shoes! I would like to thank Ann Marie for the time she took to make me this awesome skirt! I forgot to take pictures of what I sent her so please do stop by her lovely blog! You will be hooked! She is an inspiration to all and maybe if you are lucky she will do a swap with you!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Signs of Fall at home

Yesterday was so pretty out! There was a breeze and sunny skies! Leaves were rustling and I decided to take some pictures around my home to show you my inspirations for Fall!Above is my Fall wreath! Some of you may have already seen this on my Flickr account from last year! I just love it!
This is a tin bucket that has a slot for pictures that I can change throught out the season's or B-days and fill with any type of flower or fillers. It's hanging on my porch.

Some pansies I planted over the weekend!

A big pot of Mums in my front yard!

I just love the color of this Kale! I planted a pot of this and just love it! I think I'm going to buy more because I just love it! It's just the start of my Fall decorations. It's my favorite season! Pumkins and gourds and wheat stalks will be added to the porch too! Halloween decorations as it gets closer to the date!I can't wait for the changing of the's such a pretty season! Have a great day!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunshine is finally here!

After the past 2 weeks of rain and the severe flooding here in Atlanta I've been waiting for the sun!I have not blogged because of the gloomy days and not alot of inspiration. Yet I do have some lovely inspired shops that I always like to look at and admire that bring a smile to my face! My friend Laurie at has the cutest,happy creations!

How can you not smile at these lovely creations!

All these sweet ,lovely creations can be found in Laurie's etsy shop! Perfect gifts for the holidays or anytime!Wishing you all a day filled with sunshine and happy inspirations!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Halloween Giveaway

It's that time! I have not been a good blogger lately so I decided to have a giveaway just in time for Halloween! I made 3 Halloween ornaments. A sweet shadow box ornament made out of a tin,a paper leaf ornament ( or gift tag) and a baked clay pumpkin sit about or ornament. Just a few goodies to get you ready for the Halloween! All you have to do is comment and your name will go in the drawing! I will have the drawing on October 1st.Also I'm offering free shipping on any Halloween item in my Etsy shop! Happy Sunday!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bringing a little sunshine into the home

It's been raining all day yesterday and looks like today and tomorrow too. I couldn't stop myself from buying one of my absolute favorite flowers to bring some cheerful sunshine in to the home! I just love sunflowers! Every kind of them. Those big teddy bear ones are beautiful and all the different types. I put them in my little pitcher with some lavender.(actually from my yard) Can you imagine that??? This arrangement sits in my front foyer as you walk in the door. I love them especially in the fall with orange/red berries and wheat like stalks. Such a great flower! Anyways....I hope everyone has a bright and happy day!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

And there off......

Yesterday I went to my son's 1st X-country meet of the season. Boy did that bring back memories! I was on X-country in high school too. I wasn't the best at it, but I did it. I was very proud of my son yesterday. He's a freshman and he placed 36 out of about 275. He's really enjoying this sport and he should with the amount of running they do! Every day they have practice. It's a tough sport I think. Anyways I just wanted to share. Love this photo!It's really fun to watch.Wishing you all a happy Sunday!


Monday, September 7, 2009

A Monday Feature!

Hello all! I hope everyone's Labor day is going well! Hopefully relaxing and barbecue for most! My hubby had to work today and 2 of my kids were out and about and 1 is sick with something! Not sure what it is.... possibly flu or just a bad cold.(hopefully not the swine!) Last time she had walking I think I'm taking her in tomorrow to visit the doctor! Today I piddled around making crafts. I was delighted to see my new bird tags on the Paper Cakes Find blog! Whoo Hoo! Chelsea does an amazing mosaic of fun finds weekly on her blog. I was so happy to be included in this group!Well..just wanted to share and wish everyone a Happy day! This mosaic is found at


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Flock together series

Hello All! I have been a busy beaver lately! Which is a good thing!! Making gift tags like there's no tomorrow. I've got the creative juices flowing for the moment!I hope all is well with everyone and I'm sorry for not posting or checking in. It's funny how when I first started blogging how easy it was to post everyday about something or anything and I had no problem. Now I think to myself well that's silly and not interesting to write about so another day passes...and another. Well this post is especially for my mother in law in France! She is such a sweetie checking in to see if I posted and I keep getting a phone call saying"I still see those crows!" Too funny! SO I thought I would post about my new bird tags. These are called Flock together series. They are great as tags or ornaments! Also new earrings! Aqua blue treasures...Ooh La La! These are in my Etsy shop now. Anyways I'm going to check out the blogs today or this weekend and see what's going on! Take Care!