Monday, August 24, 2009

Here come the crows!

The birds are so creepy to me!I am intrigued by them though. I usually see them in the morning while I'm jogging. They are usually in flocks of 5 or more just grazing in the grass. They are paricularly more interesting in the fall of course! Anyways...these crows are my inspiration for my new Halloween bird tags! They are whimsy and fun and not as creepy as a crow! I've been busy making Fall/Halloween tags for my shop on Etsy and it looks like people are already in the mood for this season. It's my favorite! I grew up in Upstate N.Y and we had the best Fall seasons! I miss it. It's pretty here in Georgia too, but the season doesn't last as long. Well I'll show you my inspirations and wish you all a fabulous week !

Have you ever heard of a Ghost bird???? Well here they are! Boo!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Well how about Oh Happy Week! I made this treasury yesterday on Etsy. It was Monday and I snagged it at the last minute and had to come up with a title and theme all at once! Anyways...I thought "let's be happy today"! The first thing I thought of was the color yellow. Then I thought of my friend's beautiful vintage yellow brooch to start my theme! My friend is Barbara @ ! She is always helping me with my computer issues and helped me post this on my blog! Thanks Barbara! We also have fun chatting in the forums on Etsy! A lot of these artists in this treasury are from the cottage style street team to which I belong .Well I 've been busy ! Kids back in school and I'm driving them around here and there!The schools have all these functions I need to attend to too! I've been crafting away making new tags. I'm having fun with that! The leaves are actually falling here! My inspiration for these tags....

I call them falling Leaves tags! How appropriate don't ya think? I will be posting them today on Etsy! Well here's to wishing you all a Happy week!

Oh Happy Day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Refreshed and Relaxed

This is the place to be!! This is where I would sit just watching the kids build sand castles and surf the waves as I let the sun beam on me!

I love this photo I took! I patted myself on the back! I think it is so neat!
I love the colors of the beach!
Love the sunset!
It's just so peaceful! Our family had a wonderful time!Now we are back and in the swing of things! School has started! I have 3 in three different schools. Elementary,middle and high school} The schedules are going to drive me crazy! I know I'm not the only one though! After this lovely vacation I have started to create again! Imagine that! Now I have visions of X-mas trees!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Have a great day!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Soon to be Seaside Greetings

It's that time y'all! I'm off to the beach with the family!! I can't wait to have the ocean air spraying my face!I'll be back all refreshed and I'm sure inspired! I wish you all a happy week! This week I'm offering free shipping in my Etsy shop on any purchases made while I'm gone! It's my present to you and I'll ship on my B-day Aug.the 10th.It's time for me to relax now. Au Revoir!